Kimberly Bonniksen


Dr. Kimberly Bonniksen is the founder of the Legend People Research and Marketing Group. Dr. Bonniksen’s specializes in guiding leaders to freedom through change in marketing, communication, strategy, and research backed by the Assured Strategy values. Bringing decades of service in business and education for industry leaders including University of Phoenix, Costco, Tony Robbins Business Breakthroughs International, and countless others, Dr. Bonniksen has witnessed the development and progression of many Legends.

With a bachelor’s in Communication and Political Science, a Master’s degree in Humanities and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Technology, Dr. Bonniksen enjoys working with and learning from leaders across many industries. Dr. Bonniksen’s research uncovered the forgotten, powerful formula of LEGENDS, bringing it back to the forefront of marketing and business with a passion to inspire authenticity and brilliance on behalf of business leaders and in service to their organizations and the greater community affected when business leaders thrive.


“In the ‘new normal’ the Legend Building model, is the X Factor to extraordinary transformation and success.” – RCM, Best-selling Business Author

“Legend Building secrets empower entrepreneurs in every category to take control of image and brand to capitalize on the most powerful opportunities to become Legendary.” – NK, CEO

“Have you ever wondered why the biggest, most influential movers and shakers are successful in ANY economy?  They connect POWERFULLY and build HIGH TRUST RELATIONSHIPS!  Following the Legend Building formula, you can really know who your target market is and how you can best serve them, giving your relationship the authenticity that will create the high trust relationships you need to take your place as one of the movers and shakers.” – Larry Benet, founder of SANG Speakers and Authors Networking Group

“In every generation there are luminaries who have the gift of reminding us of great truths.  One of those great truths is the power of story to influence and I have been privileged to have Dr. Bonniksen show me this ancient wisdom.  I have seen this method work for much more than messaging, this is ancient wisdom we are all hard wired to recognize.  Expect to find more answers than how you should advertise.  This is truly about creating the legend to be able to read your map, to make your decisions easier, and to make your organization legendary.” – KPA, CEO

“Legend Building is an ancient art form but not one that should soon be forgotten. The principles in this book have transcended time and must be applied for any business that has the desire to be legendary. Kim Bonniksen’s unique ability to recognize your businesses true gifts and help you deliver it to the world is priceless.  Working with the Legend People has set our business apart and eliminated any foreseeable competition putting us in a class of our own, the leader in our industry and legendary.” – LLW #1 BestSelling Author, Founder & CEO

“In the era of snippets, sound bites, tweets and texts … the power of narrative and the need to communicate is going through a tremendous metamorphosis.  To get your message across to the people that matter … your prospects and clients you need really have to get in sync with these changes in society. Or you will not be heard.
“Kim’s work with the Navajo Nation and its people and her deep deep understanding of the ancient ways allows you to hold on to the essence of storytelling while communicating through the modern channels of today.  You have worked so hard to produce something of value, let Kim help you tell your story and create your Legend. This is power, this produces results.” – PD, Best-Selling Author, Business Sales Consultant

“Kim Bonniksen is an excellent author and marketing genius.   LEGEND BUIDING, ANCIENT WISDOM FOR MODERN TRANSFORMATION – The 7 Ancient Codes to Rock Modern Marketing is a pure masterpiece.  Kim takes the teachings she learned from seven years of influence by the Navajo people of Page and ties it into the modern world of Marketing. As quoted from this book, “language and story are the basis of power”. Kim uses stories that include subtle persuasion to create images in the customers mind.  It’s great that Kim understands and teaches so well in the pages of this book that modern marketing involves actually speaking to the customer and not at them.  I highly endorse this book.” – Dr. MCR, CEO

“Let’s be really frank here. Most research and marketing theories sound just alike.  The truth is they are probably 80% the same.  So the 20% difference makes a huge impact on results… the Legend formula for education based marketing makes all the difference for entrepreneurs really serious about serving clients in a way that generates exponential profits.” – AM, CEO Venture Capital Industry, International Speaker

“One of things I could say about Kim is that she is inspiring to say the least.”

“Sometimes you meet people in this life who instantly give you a sense you’ve been blessed by just having sat and listened for a spell to what they have to say. I try very hard to be a listener. With Kim – there was no trying involved.”

“She’s mesmerizing.”

“Kim Bonniksen is able to teach others through the use of storytelling, a method of communication which is ancient and historically has been employed by tribes around the world throughout history, which was used to preserve and transmit information from one person to the next, and from one generation to the next.”

“The persuasion techniques that Kim taught me in our first visit have helped our executive team better manage our chapters. I repeat her stories and lessons frequently.”

“The strategy was so effective, I invited Kim to be our keynote address at our national education convention. The entire group was enthralled. Kim had observed a number of volatile exchanges during our policy meetings, so at the last minute she changed her entire presentation to facilitate a refocus for all of us. I have never witnessed such an immediate and lasting transformation.”

“I find it difficult to convey the heart and soul of what Kim has done for our organization. Her work with storytelling and culture development is almost a lost art I think. We are grateful.” – SK, CEO & Founder, National Concierge Association