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One of the most effective ways to learn about people is by using a DISC Profile assessment. The DISC Profile focuses on four main behavioral dimensions:





The DISC Profile is the most recent interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s evolutionary work trending in today’s society to understand and measure a person’s natural behavior style.

The DISC Profile is a tool that guides team members in understanding others’ individual behavioral preferences and habits that are crucial when working together, whether as a leader or peer. The DISC Profile will help your team to understand everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, natural behavior styles, and communication styles.

Using a DISC Profile during the interviewing and hiring process can be very beneficial. Having prospects complete a DISC Profile as a step of your hiring process can assist you when it is time for the final selection process. You will better understand the people you are hiring, their natural behavior styles and how they will fit on the team.

The Assured Strategy DISC Profile assessment process involves the following steps:

  1. Team members complete the DISC Profile online from a personalized link.
  2. Your team attends a result session. (Depending on the number of team members, this session lasts between two and four hours.) This interactive DISC result session includes a detailed description of all findings and how to use the results.
  3. Each participant receives a printed copy of their profile and an electronic version via email.

Interested in becoming a DISC Profile trained and licensed user?

DISC Profile training and licensing is available for companies interested in certifying team members in delivering and presenting the DISC Profiles internally. Up to five team members may be trained and certified within a company. The training process can be done in person or via video conferencing in three 2-hour sessions.

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