Business Process Improvement

Is your company challenged when handing off processes from one department to another, costing you money and time?

Are you bombarded with employee or customer complaints and frustrations?

Are bottlenecks in your company causing delays?

Assured Strategy is here to facilitate process improvement via our Business Process Improvement Workshop.

Better processes, smoother transitions

Most processes cross over between departments in an organization (see diagram). When one area of the company delegates a process to a new department, there are usually breakdowns in communication or expectations during the transfer. These breakdowns cause a variety of problems:

  • Redundancies in the processes
  • Customer and employee hassles
  • Bottlenecks that waste money and time.

Every time a company grows or changes its strategic direction, processes must be updated. This involves having an interdepartmental meeting to address the core of the change. All the departments the process crosses must be brought together and changes agreed upon prior to making the change. Unfortunately, many companies do not approach change in this manner.

A department is not an island

Usually, each department views change independently, as if the department was its own entity rather than part of the company as a whole. This causes departments to make the change for themselves only, resulting in redundancies and frustrations.

Assured Strategy will work with you and your team to identify, analyze and improve your existing business processes to meet the goals and strategies outlined in your strategic plan. This workshop takes a very systematic approach to looking at your processes and dissecting their flows, minimizing redundancies and hassles. This extensive process results in many benefits:

  • Increased profits
  • Better performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Accelerated schedules

Ultimately, processes are designed to streamline operations. When each step is well-tested and the process is working efficiently, there are fewer:

  • Errors
  • Delays
  • Duplications
  • Disgruntled team members
  • Dissatisfied Customers.

We always like to start this process with a face-to-face meeting at a client’s physical location. This way, we can see the operations at work. We then determine whether there is a fit for the system we use to fit your needs for enhancing process effectiveness. Call today for a meeting with one of our strategic coaches.