Leadership Coaching

Hard work no longer guarantees success. The only guarantee we have is that constant change is eminent. Surprises are woven into the fabric of our daily lives along with threads of increasing complexity and an unpredictable future.

Get a coach and work smarter, not harder! A coach challenges your thinking by teaching you to ask the right questions. With leadership coaching, team members will develop the capability to achieve organizational goals by transforming and sustaining their leadership skills. Coaching sessions are conducted through one-on-one interactions. Feedback during the coaching sessions is collected from trusted and proven sources and assessments. All coaching sessions are confidential. Both parties come to each session with mutual trust and respect.

Assured Strategy conducts leadership coaching in four phases:

Starting Point (Phase 1)

We begin on the roadmap to success by conducting interviews and assessments of your leadership team, giving feedback on strengths and challenges.

Alignment (Phase 2)

Next, we will align your leadership team’s individual goals with the company goals by using tools that will fit the outcomes you’re looking to achieve. We guide you in developing goals and strategies that will propel you to the next growth level. This phase also focuses on how to prioritize unexpected requests.

Strategy (Phase 3)

In this phase, we now ask the questions the leadership team members are not thinking of themselves. Sometimes we are so close to a situation, it is often hard to see it for what it really is. Our leadership coaches give a fresh perspective on the true state of your business by asking you the questions you may not be asking yourself.

Execution (Phase 4)

It is critical to continuously have a coach challenge your thinking, guide you by challenging your answers to questions that may not be aligned with where you’re going and stay with you while you work through the answers. Working with a coach over time assists in overcoming procrastination while identifying and eliminating possible obstacles.

If you’re looking to move to the next level, talk to us to see if we have a coach who can challenge your thinking, guide you through the answers and stay with you while you move to the next level. Call 702.421.3212 today.