Strategy Coaching

Our Certified Coaches at Assured Strategy assist executive and leadership teams to find their greatness by igniting growth and inspiring change by empowering teams with proven strategic tools. The Assured Strategy Framework  will enhance the company’s strategic focus and assist teams with incorporating execution disciplines into their company. No, our coaches do NOT come into your company and take over by doing it for you. The leaders of your company agree and commit to making changes to help the company grow. We help teach from the executive team all the way down to the line employees learn the tools that will enable your company discover your greatness.

We prefer to work with our clients for a year. You may be asking yourself why we need a year. It takes time for you and your leadership team to rid themselves of habits that are not providing your company value and build new habits to allow for growth and profitability. Our best practices show that it takes a company about a year for the disciplines for greatness to take hold within the company.

During the year, we assist the leadership team to identify, set, and measure a few clear strategically focused annual goals for the organization. Then we assist the team to break the annual goals down even further to quarterly goals to achieve the annual goals, we call this Execution Planning. Using proven strategic tools and proven frameworks to coach and teach a team how to develop their strategic thinking. By developing the teams strategic thinking, we can facilitate the conversations leading to the strategic vision prior to establishing goals. We will support you and your leadership team by facilitating meetings, teaching and coaching.

The process can produce a variety of results. A few of the potential results could be:

  • A culture that cares about your company and “Why” it exists
  • Hiring and retaining the right people
  • Better communication
  • Refined management reporting
  • Improved information flow
  • Increased productivity from your resources
  • Transparent accountability
  • Focused decision-making and define priorities

The results are really up to you and your leadership team to do the work to produce the outcome. There are various levels of coaching to meet the needs of your company.

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