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cash reserve management

Be Smart about How You Spend Your Company’s Cash

Blogs by David Chavez Executive Tips

What an amazing feeling to end a year with a great cash reserve, only to end the next in cash hell. You start the year off right—strategy meetings, forecasts, a full pipeline—it’s all going really well. It’s going so well you start to justify spending cash on a new office, new furniture, more employees. And […]

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effective team management strategies

Your Guide to Recruit, Manage, and Motivate a Strong Team

Blogs by Rony Zagursky Executive Tips

Resources may be abundant, but when it comes to the right talent for your company, it becomes scarce. The equation is simple: not every person is the right fit for your organization. Here are 11 effective team management strategies to recruit, manage, and motivate a strong team. 11 Effective Team Management Strategies 1. Identify your […]

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developing key performance indicators for employees

Your Team’s KPIs Need These Characteristics to Be Effective

Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Grow Your Business

While developing key performance indicators for employees, it’s important to keep certain things in mind. You want to create KPIs that you and your team can both communicate, track, and execute. Discover how my first interaction with KPIs helped me figure out the characteristics all KPIs need. My Introduction to KPIs The first time I […]

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employee kpis

Employee Key Performance Indicators: Identifying the Vital Signs of Your Business

Blogs by Assured Strategy Grow Your Business

When you stop and take a good look at your company, what are the key performance indicators for employees? When you return from a vacation, where do you start? What’s going on? Are there any problems? Do you fire up the computer and start going through emails? Your assessment of your company’s state may depend […]

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the importance of cash balance

Understanding Your Business’s Cash Balance and Cash Flow

Blogs by Assured Strategy Business Finances

People often ignore the subject of cash balance and cash flow until they have to deal with it. There are just too many things to deal with and decisions you need to make. However, every decision you make will eventually affect your cash. Many people have enough problems understanding their own personal cash situation; when […]

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effective team leadership

6 Steps for Effective Team Leadership

Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips

At Assured Strategy, we believe in creating, implementing, and updating best practices to manage a team. For effective team leadership to happen, though, you need structure. Learn some steps you can take today to create a culture of accountability and responsibility in your workplace. How to Be a Team Leader in the Workplace I’ve fallen […]

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