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business training

Why is Delegation So Hard?

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

How your DISC behavior profile may be a factor At a recent leadership training session, the management team brainstormed ways that their DISC profile might contribute to a leader’s challenges with delegation. For those of you not familiar with DISC, it’s a behavioral profile tool used by thousands of organizations across the world to improve […]

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business training

Six Fundamentals to Adopt a Coaching Mindset

Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

Often young leaders who are transitioning from a manager mindset to a coaching mindset ask for support on how to work more effectively with the employees they supervise. Young leaders want to be taught the exact steps of what they need to do to coach their employees toward better performance. While there are many management […]

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business training

How to #6 Monitor Change

Blogs by Assured Strategy New Thinking- New Opportunities- New Results or How to Deal with “Always Done It This Way”

At the last blog, How to #5 Implement Change, I covered the execution of the Change Management Plan.  Now we can look at monitoring, which includes: recording and assessing data to validate the successes and stumbling blocks or failures of the project.  Identifying both positive and negative effects throughout the change process will provide leadership […]

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