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customer service approach

How do you do Customer Service? Are Your Employees Aware of It?

Blogs by Assured Strategy Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

Although your customer service approach might be in place, all businesses experience failure points. All of them, manufacturing or service, large or small, it’s the nature of operating an organization. Are you aware of weaknesses in your business? And service industries, you don’t get off so easily, you experience just as many internal and external […]

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Employee Burnout

The True Cost of Employee Burnout- Do You Have a Culture of Self-Care?

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

Symptoms of employee burnout costs over 300 Billion dollars per year in health care related expenses. Companies lose 15.4 Million working days a year to employees calling out “sick”. Often employees are silent and don’t discuss openly their feelings of burnout because they don’t want their supervisor to interpret their fatigue as a lack of […]

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QUALITY System - Asset or Expense

QUALITY System – Asset or Expense?

Blogs by Assured Strategy Executive Tips Grow Your Business

Quality systems are one of the most important aspects of delivering a company’s brand promise to customers, but often it is thought of in a dismissive or minimized way. When faced with a change brought about by a newly revised Quality Standard, a CEO of a large aerospace company said, “you-quality-people are just overhead”.  Do […]

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Executive Assistant

Maximize Productivity with the Use of an Executive Assistant

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Grow Your Business

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into an organization to teach time management skills to leaders and I learn that top executives do not have an executive assistant assigned to support them. This role is critical for a leader’s success and time efficiency. Do you have an executive assistant (EA) that helps […]

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business training

Serendipitous Learning: The Benefit of Unplanned and Unexpected

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Ted Sarvata Grow Your Business Team Building

As leaders, we actively learn all the time. Sometimes we learn intentionally and at other times we learn serendipitously. I recently had an example of both. A client recommended I read Measure What Matters by John Doerr so I would understand what their company was learning about, OKRs and execution. At the same time, I […]

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business training

Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback in the Workplace

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic

As business leaders we often find ourselves in the position to give and receive constructive feedback. Rarely are we taught how to have these critical conversations in a way that gives us the results we want. Feedback is a gift we are giving or receiving IF the communication is productive and based on wanting the […]

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