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After moving to Louisiana, the heart of football country, I became a fan of college football – specifically LSU, where my son attended.  Being a student of business, I was amazed at how similar football is to business and now I frequently use football references to coach businesses. Here are 7 ways your football knowledge can increase your business success.

#5 Use The Rules

Football games can be won or lost based on penalties. Football teams win because they know, follow, and exploit the rules and have less penalties versus the other team.

There are two rules groups that I want to touch on: external industry rules and internal company rules.

Industry rules are pretty straight forward.  You have to play by the rules that are outlined by your regulatory requirements and customers’ expectations. Are you meeting and exceeding expectations of the customers in your industry?

The second set of rules are way more important, but most companies do not create these rules and if they do, they don’t follow them.

Every company should create and live by core values; these rules should capture the culture of a company and reflect internal key rules that all team members should know and follow.  Core values are principles that guide the team through every scenario and decision. You can’t teach every employee how to handle every situation they are going to come across.  Company culture, which includes very clearly stated core values, are the rules of the game that employees can use to decide how they should handle the situations they find themselves in. Just like in football if team members break the rules too many times, you lose the game. A company’s core values are their employee rules which need to be followed so the team and company can win. The best companies in the world have amazing core values that they live by every day.  Think about Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, and Disney.  They make sure all their people know the cultural rules so they outperform every other business in their industry. Create an amazing culture and make sure it is part of everything you do.

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