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Employee Key Performance Indicators: Identifying the Vital Signs of Your Business

When you stop and take a good look at your company, what are the key performance indicators for employees? When you return from a vacation, where do you...

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Understanding Your Business’s Cash Balance and Cash Flow

  • Posted in Cash by Assured Strategy

People often ignore the subject of cash balance and cash flow until they have to deal with it. There are just too many things to deal with and...

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Business Systems Equal Success

Many organizations require business systems to run smoothly. One spring afternoon at Disneyland, I watched people enjoying the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes. I was amazed by the great...

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Inspiring Your Team: Remind Them Why

Inspiring Your Team: Remind Them Why

You want to inspire your team? Get your leadership team revved up to break through walls? Remind them of why we are doing this: what is the big...

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