Stay Out Of The Weeds by Vikki Kempker


As a leader of your company or team, you are responsible for the big picture of your departments as well as conveying the company vision, strategic planning and a host of team performance development. However, if your days are filled dealing with urgent issues, putting out multiple fires, having discussions that get bogged down in […]

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Are You Listening? By Vikki Kempker


I was at a luncheon recently where a speaker asked a question to the group that each person was to answer as they introduced themselves to the room. After the last person spoke the speaker stood up and made reference to 3 attendees on how what they answered was relevant to him personally. He proceeded […]

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Bad Day? It’s OK To Start Over Anytime! by Vikki Kempker


Our typical day is consumed with ups and downs. For most of us, that’s how we will decide if we are having a good day or a not so good day.  It’s all our own perception and perceptions become our reality.  Each action, conversation, thought, or phone call could tip you over the “I’m over […]

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