Bad Day? It’s OK To Start Over Anytime! by Vikki Kempker

walk 05-21-15Our typical day is consumed with ups and downs. For most of us, that’s how we will decide if we are having a good day or a not so good day.  It’s all our own perception and perceptions become our reality.  Each action, conversation, thought, or phone call could tip you over the “I’m over this” line. When you find yourself thinking about, worried about, irritated about and ready to call it a day….it’s time for a new plan.  START!


You have the choice at any given time of the day to start over. When you find yourself stuck in the muck:

  1. Stop the mental torture – Your stories are far more damaging then the actual situation.  Take a deep breath and think of something that makes you smile.  You cannot have a negative thought when you are having a positive thought.
  2. Access what you need to do for an immediate attitude adjustment – How is your attitude getting you to a productive place?  It’s not.  Take a walk, stretch, go grab a glass of water. The key is to walk away from the frustration.  Come back with a refreshed outlook.
  3. Redirect your new attitude to focus on what’s next in your day.

The key is to move away from any negative thoughts, drama and/or mind games quickly, which will allow you to change all your new positive thoughts, actions, plans and conversations to driven and productive actions.

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