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B2B Core Customers Are Individual People

If you have a B2B company, I’d like to challenge you to think differently. When we think “business to business,” it’s easy to fall into the trap of...

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Accidental Cash Management

How often do you think about cash? If you are like most CEOs and business owners I know, the answer is every day. How often do you think...

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Goals Done Right Will Help Growth

In today’s world goals are more important than ever and many leaders struggle with goals. In helping clients set and achieve goals, there are some common challenges leaders...

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To Grow, You Gotta Know

Company growth does not need to be as complicated as we might think. But, to get the results we want as a company, we must invest in 2...

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The Principles of Operational Effectiveness

Most companies when looking to improve their operations typically seek to implement a tool – 5S, Standard Work, Pull Systems, Total Productive Maintenance, etc.  Tools are not the...

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Give Daily Wins

I’ve been noticing that everyone is experiencing more chronic stress right now than they were prior to 2020. Increased stressors could be due to financial insecurity, having kids...

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