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Change Management

Change Management through the lens of DISC

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Team Building

As a leader, have you ever wondered why staff react to change so differently? Ever been curious about change management strategies to handle these various reactions?  If I’m honest, one of the most frustrating things I’ve encountered in leadership is staff resistance to change.  I’ve often thought, “Why can’t they just get on board and […]

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business growth plan

The Behavior Profile: How Understanding Human Behavior Generates Business Results

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

Few business owners today would question their conscious dedication to the organization they work for. Yet most of them remain unaware that 95% of decisions made by their employees occur in the subconscious mind. What if there was a tool to help employees become more aware of unconscious behavior? What if this insight into human behavior […]

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executive assistant

Are You an Executive Leader or an Executive Assistant?

Blogs by David Chavez Executive Tips

You recently discovered the effective team management strategies needed to recruit and manage a strong team. Sales expert, Jack Daly, once said, “Whether a CEO, sales manager, or professional if you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant.” This quote highlights the importance of assistant in the life of any executive leader. Here is […]

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executive leadership qualities

Great Leaders Don’t Have to Know All the Answers

Blogs by David Chavez Executive Tips Team Building

  True or false: A great leader should have all the answers. Many people believe the myth of the Super-CEO, one who can make tough decisions in a single bound and whip a company into shape all on their own. The truth is a good leader does not have all the answers. In fact, the […]

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cash reserve management

Be Smart about How You Spend Your Company’s Cash

Blogs by David Chavez Executive Tips

What an amazing feeling to end a year with a great cash reserve, only to end the next in cash hell. You start the year off right—strategy meetings, forecasts, a full pipeline—it’s all going really well. It’s going so well you start to justify spending cash on a new office, new furniture, more employees. And […]

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effective team management strategies

Your Guide to Recruit, Manage, and Motivate a Strong Team

Blogs by Rony Zagursky Executive Tips

Resources may be abundant, but when it comes to the right talent for your company, it becomes scarce. The equation is simple: not every person is the right fit for your organization. Here are 11 effective team management strategies to recruit, manage, and motivate a strong team. 11 Effective Team Management Strategies 1. Identify your […]

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