Customer Satisfaction All Around By Rony Zagursky

ThumbsCustomer satisfaction is taking a new role in today’s society. It forces companies to act in a different way, by promoting improvements and encouraging a transparent culture.

Think about how one bad comment on social media can destroy the reputation of a company and decrease revenue. I am not saying that we need to fulfill every customer needs but I am encouraging you to understand who your core customer is and listen to them. Their feedback is gold. Core customers’ feedback provides you the opportunity to improve your company and find new products or services.

If you think your only concern should be customer satisfaction, you are missing the big picture. Besides customers, you should all consider the feedback from your suppliers and employees. No company exists without one of those (customers, suppliers and employees). It’s extremely important that all of them are happy to continue improving results while living a culture of abundance and growth.

Uber, is a great example of a company who has mastered this process and is achieving exponential growth. If you are familiar with Uber then you know that you’re expected to provide a star rating of the Driver as soon as you get out of the car so they can track the drivers customer satisfaction results, track the Drivers performance and continue improving the driver. Oddly enough the rating system works both ways. The Drivers also rate the passengers. Uber will block certain users that are not treating the Drivers respectfully.

A wise woman once said: “make your employees happy and they will make your customer happy”.

It is not always fun receiving feedback from employees, customers and suppliers, but it’s the only way to see the truth and the areas of improvement. Many companies in a variety of industries have proven this concept.

Feedback forms don’t always need to be difficult and long questionnaires. It can be as simple as a single question that can provide you with tons of information. For example: “How satisfied are you with the service/product delivered from Company x?” Use a rating scale from zero to five or ten and then provide some additional space for comments. From there, start gathering the information and begin measuring consistent trends. Understanding the feedback will help identify some adjustments that may need to occur either in the process or people (customers, employees, suppliers, share holders or strategic alliances).

Nowadays a company’s reputation is more important than its total revenue. By earning and sustaining a great company reputation you have a better chance of increasing revenue. So be sure to listen and improve all of your customers’ satisfaction.

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