4 Classes over 2 Days, come to one, two, or three and if you buy three you will get one free!

Freedom! If you’re searching for some new ways to look at your business, to get it to the next level of growth and profitability, this series is for you. Quit doing the same old things expecting a different result.

Why invest in the Growth Workshop Series?

*If you don’t get 10 times your investment in the cost of the workshop, we’ll give you your money back.

Business leaders are always looking for the next level of GROWTH and profitability. Maybe you are just not seeing the results you’re looking for or complacency has settled in. We believe in freedom – freedom to get your time back so you can realize the goals you have for the long-term growth of your business. You’ll get a few tools and learn some simple processes to enhance your results.

You’ll get insights on…


August 21
8 AM–11:30 AM

Build clarity for your customers and team through STRATEGY

• Develop or refine your vision or BHAG® (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
• Discover your core customer so you know how to attract them to your business
• Learn how to build clarity in your business through core values and purpose (Mission)


August 21
1:30 PM–5 PM

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your EXECUTION

• Learn the 10 habits Rockefeller used to drive excellence in operations
• Get the accountability you want through one simple tool
• Discover how clarity in Accountability, Responsibility and Authority drive effectiveness


August 22
8 AM–11:30 AM

Have the CASH you need to grow

• Calculate your Cash Conversion Cycle, the time you spend a dollar till you get it back
• Learn how to read a Profit & Loss (Income Statement), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
• Quit tripping over dollars to save dimes, learn one lever you could pull to increase your cash by 20% in a few months


August 22
1:30 PM–5 PM

Build a team of PEOPLE who can take your business to the next level

• Understand why annual reviews don’t work and how coaching conversations do
• Discover what an A Player is and how to nurture and grow them
• Learn what your team needs to do to get the results you want

We’ve helped 1,000’s of leaders learn how to scale and grow their business to get the results they really want. Let us share what we’ve learned with you, register now.


Focuses on creating alignment in the company by helping CEO’s and executives manage company strategy, cash flow, and execution using the tools of the Gazelles Scaling Up system. Helps others learn how to change their business by working on their business instead of in it.


From vision to strategy then execution, known for implementing accountability, strategic thinking, and tactical excellence in the clients he serves. Certified in Four Decisions, he helps companies grow internal leaders to drive results. Velocity Circles Expert in the small to mid-size market.


Focuses on leadership, management, and emotional intelligence skills in the workplace environment through her Masters in Counseling and 15 years of executive management experience. Brings a passion for growing middle management into future executives.


Cindy is passionate about helping companies identify process improvements, implement quality management practices, and align staff with senior management initiatives through her down to earth, roll your sleeves up, empowering and partnership approach.


Annette Melin brings a passion for supporting top executives in learning how to grow and manage the financial resources of their organizations. She is known as a dedicated coach and mentor who focuses on financial empowerment through education and training.

*Restrictions apply.