Dec 16, 2020

Scaling Up Workshop

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The economy is growing at a rapid pace

Ask yourself: Is your company generating the same sales as it was two years ago? If it is, you may be losing out on one of the greatest economic expansions of our time. Attend AS Scaling Up Workshop to uncover your hidden potential for company growth. If you’re looking at your business tax returns and seeing that they’re stagnant the past couple of years, you may have great hidden potential for growth.

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Where are you?

Our workshop attendees are Playing to Win and recognize that despite a growth economy, they want to position their company for long-term success by not letting complacency settle in. As Jim Collins says in the first sentence of his book Good to Great…”Good is the enemy of great.”

Our attendees come as a leadership team because great executives recognize it takes a team of leaders within a company to drive a vision strategically and tactically.
If you and your leadership team are Playing to Win, come join us. You are our kind of player.

Playing Not To Lose or Playing to Win?

Why have over 250,000 executives in the Mid-Market chosen to use the Scaling Up strategic growth system? BECAUSE IT WORKS! Scaling Up companies will be buying their competitors in the next downturn, and the seller won’t get what they think their company is worth. Will you be buying your competition at below market price or will you be bought for less than you think you’re worth?

Presented by David Chavez

David Chavez owns Assured Strategy. He successfully coaches CEOs and executives in developing strategy, execution, cash, leadership and team building. He focuses on guiding leaders through change to find their freedom. He has been a Certified Scaling Up Coach for 11 years, helping over 200 companies Scale Up. He focuses on creating alignment in the company by helping CEOs and executives manage the change process using the tools of the Scaling Up and 3HAG Systems.

What You’ll Learn in the Workshop

In just one day, you will learn a few of the essentials that make the Scaling Up system work quickly. Learn through best practices, lectures, videos, hands-on exercises, group discussions and coaching demonstrations. We will focus on the four critical decisions all businesses face.

  • business process mapping
  • business growth strategies
  • management coach
  • personal life coach


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Course Materials

Detailed workbook with information and examples of the concepts presented
Book: Scaling Up, written by Verne Harnish
Four Decisions One Page Strategic Plan and other actionable tools to help grow your business

Event Info

Doors open at 7:30am. Breakfast & lunch provided
Location: Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa And Marina
1441 Quivira Road | San Diego, CA 92109
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 702-421-3212

Refund Policy

*No refunds available for Early Bird tickets.

Refunds are available for all other tickets. Refund requests must be made at least 24 hours before the event. If you are unable to attend the event, tickets can be used at any workshop organized by Assured Strategy within 12 months of the purchase.

Our Guarantee

Assured Strategy guarantees results! No empty promises. If you apply the practices and tools we provide, at our Scaling Up workshop, you will GET 3X THE COST OF THE EVENT in value to bring back to your business. If you don’t, let us know before you leave, and we will REFUND YOUR MONEY.


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