Every Team Needs A Coach! By David Chavez

9227917Do you have a coach? The final part of the Gazelles Growth Method™ is having a catalyst. Having a business coach keeps you focused, motivated and holds you accountable for following the 4-3-2-1 system to achieve profitable business growth. It is hard to stay focused with the daily chaos. Many CEO/Owners tend to feel like fire fighters instead of leaders because they are constantly running from one fire to the next. By having a Certified Scaling Up International Strategy Coach and using the Four Decisions™ One Page Planning process dramatically increases your company’s profitability, cash flow and your free time. Engaging a strategy coach changes your company, and changes your life!

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David Chavez

Written by David Chavez

David Chavez owns Assured Strategy. He successfully coaches CEOs and executives in developing strategy, execution, cash, leadership and team building. He focuses on guiding leaders through change to find their freedom. He has been a…

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