Uncover the 11 Core Dimensions of Business Success

We’ve charged $500-$1,000 for our Sherpa Guidebook. So why are we now giving it away for free?

We want to guide even more leaders to the summit of business success. This personalized organizational assessment is simply our way of giving back to the business community.

Get Your Sherpa Guidebook If You Want To…

  • Reveal where the greatest profit centers are
  • Determine where to focus your energy and resources
  • Find the hidden issues hurting your bottom line

Includes All This:

  1. Personal – How do the individuals in your organization feel?
  2. Employee Alignment – Is everyone driving for results and profits?
  3. Personnel – How effectively do you lead people?
  4. Team Effectiveness – How strong are your teams?
  5. Leadership – How trusted and inspiring is your leadership?
  6. Strategy and Planning – How comprehensive and secure is your strategy?
  7. Customer Service – How loyal are your customers?
  8. Sales and Marketing – Does your pitch resonate and do your people sell?
  9. Operations – Do you run efficient and quality operations?
  10. Cultural – How cohesive and beneficial is your culture?
  11. Management – How effectively do you manage things?

Do You Qualify?

Unfortunately, our Sherpa Guidebook is not for everyone. Your organization must meet the following two thresholds:

  1. Leadership group of at least 5 people
  2. Annual revenue of at least $1m

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