Keyne Petkovic

Keyne Petkovic
Keyne has 15 years of executive management experience and played an active leadership role in company financial and business process improvement initiatives. She specializes in middle-management and executive level leadership training, coaching, and workshop facilitation.
Responsible for multimillion-dollar facility operating budgets, she has broad experience in budget development and finance-related mentoring and accountability. As an operations executive, she has excelled in developing and leading business process improvement teams while building strong cross-functional team dynamics through personal, hands-on investment in staff growth and development. Her unique ability to combine leadership, management, and emotional intelligence skills in the workplace environment is un-paralleled.
She obtained her Master of Science degree in Community Counseling from Winona State University after completing her BS in Psychology with a minor in Business at Penn State University. Keyne’s certification courses include ADVanced Insights (DISC, Values, Attribute Indexes), Physician Practice Management, Behavioral Analysis.

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