Linda Livingston

Linda Livingston

Linda has over 35 years of business development experience and has a vast history of establishing relationships and communication structures. This expertise has advanced the depth of company cultures and performance which is reflected in the increase of sales performance among multiple business verticals. She specializes in executive level communication processes and shares remarkable acumen in business development matters, mentoring, and networking expertise. Linda also has a background in consulting and coaching, and has worked with a multitude of privately owned small to mid-market companies to develop branding, market presence, and organizational/strategic planning and implementation. 

Educated with her master’s in business administration from Texas Christian University, Linda specifically impacts growth one person at a time. She can tune-in to individual attributes and nurture a team partnership which results in a more dynamic and functional business development strategy. Her unique ability to connect leaders among multiple generations allows the foresight to advance a team toward strategic and long-term success. 

What sets Linda apart is her philosophy – Meeting each task with an open mind and a bold humility to work toward the overall success– no matter the task at hand. Her out-of-the-box mindset is partnered with the ability to create a contagious influence upon everyone she meets. 

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