Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris
Lisa has spent twenty years embedded in companies, honing her ability to understand and fulfill a client’s specific objectives while remaining within the confines of scope, setting and budgetary constraints. Throughout her career, she has been an agent of change guiding teams through the design development and change process. She managed projects from conception through the exploration, development, and implementation stages.
Lisa first experienced the Scaling Up Methodology as an Assured Strategy client. She saw first-hand what is possible when an executive team shifts from the day-to-day whirlwind to increasing clarity and alignment throughout the organization by focusing on their short and long-term goals and aligning the employees with clearly set goals and celebrating the results along the way.
In 2010, Lisa obtained her Master of Science in Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College. This broadened her vision to longer-term strategic planning with an emphasis on people development strategies and spent the last decade as a leader guiding marketing, sales, customer advocacy and design teams.

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