Out-wit, Out-think and Out-perform Your Competition To Meet the Needs of Your Target Market

Research Giant Gartner recently shared about target market:

“It is no longer about how much information you have—it is about having the right insight. That is why investing in research processes and proprietary methodologies to cut through information overload, decipher multiple viewpoints and develop insights that allow you to perceive your business landscape more clearly. You get the information you need, in the context necessary to make both large-scale and everyday decisions with confidence.”

Still, in today’s era of Consumer Engagement, only 55% of MidMarket businesses  claim to have a solid understanding of their Target Market. And only 16% validate their target market understanding with Data and/or Research. Without research, the question must naturally follow, how is it possible to really know and understand a target market without the data to support those conclusions?

When asked what the #1 reason for failure to connect to a target market? 96% of executives report they FAIL to offer educational guidance to inform current and potential clients of market opportunities and pitfalls. Current, accurate timely research is the ONLY way for organizations to consistently serve their heroic target market in the ways being demanded. Money and deals need not be left on the table when easy and fast solutions can be had.

87% of today’s B2B consumers rely heavily on trustworthy sources of information, giving approval in the form of contracts and sales. They want to hear from you, but not in the old ways… markets today want to know what you know, know what they need, know what is a risk to them.

What do they hate?

Information or systems too complicated to access, too much Jargon , too little Jargon, and language too technical. 95% of all purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious mind, yet most marketing messages focus on the miniscule 5% conscious thought process instead of accessing the underlying persuasive patterns that signal the speaker as an insider.

When timely data, expert advisors, and innovative culture combine with the talents that made your organization great, historical records show a 10X increase in Leadership Successes. What is that kind of momentum worth to you and your organization?

The results?

  • 90 times greater influence and 5X increased chance of sale.
  • Working with a highly qualified business advisor yields:
  • a median 7X increase on investment for those that commit for at least 6 months.
  • 51% increased team effectiveness
  • 61% overall business management
  • 72% improved communication skills
  • 73% higher quality of interpersonal relationships

Want to Out-wit, Out-think and Out-perform your competition this year?

The formula is so simple you will almost certainly walk away from it in denial and miss out on the payout, but for those who are ready… the secret is…


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