Jennifer Loehding


Jennifer Loehding has been an entrepreneur for 21 years, having built teams in multiple organizations. She held a position at the top 2% of a global cosmetic company for 15 years, helping rising entrepreneurs develop and market their businesses. She has also helped companies expand successfully into new markets.

In 2012 Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare nerve condition that affects the nerves in the left side of the face. After years of getting no answers from medical professionals, she decided to find the best path to healing for herself. Relentless research and dogged determination allowed her to become aware of sabotaging behaviors in her own life and take action to free herself from their control. She now lives pain and medicine-free!

Jennifer is certified with the Brave Thinking Institute. She is a published author and podcast host, and creator of a weekly podcast. Jennifer likes empowering people to achieve success by helping them recognize sabotaging behaviors—their source and how to get around them so they can be effective in business.

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