The Three Disciplines By David Chavez

1958240Disciplines are activities, exercises, or regimens that develop or improve skills or processes. The Gazelles Growth Method™ includes these three disciplines: Priorities, Data/Metric, and Meeting Rhythms. These three disciplines are three key activities, exercises, or regimens that grow your company. Priorities – finding a small number of highly focused activities that will achieve bigger results. Data/Metrics – creates a vital to look ahead to measure areas such as: profit/loss, expenses, or processes. Meeting Rhythms –Incorporating a consistent daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually meeting cycle keeps the team/company communicating, aligned and increases positive performance. Daily/weekly/monthly meetings are specific and short, whereas the quarterly/ annual meetings are longer and more detailed. Using these three disciplines aligns teams for profitable growth.

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David Chavez

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David Chavez owns Assured Strategy. He successfully coaches CEOs and executives in developing strategy, execution, cash, leadership and team building. He focuses on guiding leaders through change to find their freedom. He has been a…

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