The Way You Win Matters More Than Winning by Rony Zagursky

Often during the annual strategic meeting, leadership teams have an intense discussion regarding how to improve company performance and gain market share. Lets be honest, both factors are very important for your company. You cannot look at one and not the other, if you do, it’s similar to driving with just one eye open. While this may be possible it is nevertheless not as safe and effective as driving with both eyes wide open.

In order to gain market share you will need to have the right talent in the organization, empowered to make decisions on a daily basis, understanding the major goal or destination. Sometimes, the drive to accomplish goals will cause some to bend or break some rules or even some laws. This can put the company into a position of losing everything. So, is it really worth it to “cheat” to get to a final destination only to have the trophy taken away?

Rule and law breakers are dangerous, because you think they are “A” players due to their performance, but in reality they are “C” players, who twist reality to achieve their own objectives. The risk could be too high to play that game.

If you allow this behavior in your organization, what you are really saying to your people is that it is ok to lie, cheat and twist reality. At some point you become the victim of the behavior.

You can lie to the government, to your family, to your employees, but at the end of the day you can not lie to yourself. Do not allow your culture to be corrupted by a few rule and law breakers, because at the end, the way you win matters more than just winning.

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