Three Things That Will Make Your 2016 Great by David Chavez

2016 ImageAs the New Year approaches, I am going to ask you to do two things. First, I want you to make a New Year’s resolution NOT to make any New Year’s resolutions! After all, how many times do June or July roll around, and we don’t even remember our New Year’s resolutions? Statistics show the average New Year’s resolution has a shelf-life of two to three weeks…about as long as Lent for some people.

The second thing I am asking you to do is make 2016 GREAT! While we have established that New Year’s resolutions are usually in vain, the New Year, with its clean-slate quality, is a great time to set some important, realistic, attainable goals that will change your life in positive, meaningful ways.

As a strategic coach, I have developed a few techniques and guidelines for goal-setting that, when used properly will help you achieve success anytime of the year!

Goal-setting strategy number one: Think of three—and only three—goals you want to achieve.

Goal-setting strategy number two: When deciding on which three goals you will work toward, ask yourself these questions:
1) What did I really want to accomplish in 2015, but didn’t?
2) At the end of 2016, what would I like to see in my life that is not there now?
3) What thing is missing, ineffective, or downright detrimental in my life that needs changing?
4) About what am I constantly telling myself, “I really need to do this…?”

Goal-setting strategy number three: Decide on three goals to work toward, but choose just ONE to be the paramount, most important goal to be your focus. By doing so, you ensure that you are working on achieving the most critical goal, and if you are able to accomplish the other two, all the better!

Goal-setting strategy number four:
I am providing a link to a very useful tool we use in our workshops that allow you to set and map out goals step-by-step and ensure that you are actually working toward your goals in ways that lead to success.

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Keep in mind, goal-setting is not merely wishing things were different. Like anything worth having, achieving a goal must be done with purpose, diligence, and intent. Desired change is not going to happen on its own. Taking the steps to really thinking about and setting your goals is vital to being able to carry out the steps to achieve them. Somewhere in your goal-setting process, you will almost certainly make change to your normal routine or habits. This is to be expected and will eventually, when sustained, lead to changes that culminate in successful achievement of your goals.

Good luck in 2016, and make it the best year yet!

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