Experiencing Communication Breakdowns between departments?

Weak processes typically generate the following challenges:

  • Unclear product or customer journey that creates disruptions and slow downs
  • Regular employee or customer complaints
  • Bottlenecks causing disruption and delays

If this sounds familiar, you are probably experiencing process deficiencies that are generating unnecessary costs and wasting time. If undetected or unresolved, will have a significant effect on your bottom line.

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Non-Value Process
Activities that consume time & re-sources, but add NO-Value to Customer Deliverables

Value Process
Processes that adds a
Value to Customer Deliverables

Business Process Mapping


Products or service and Information delivered to the customer are in-complete, inaccurate or of poor quality

Business Process Mapping

Quality Delivered

Customer receives the exact product or service that they expect for the anticipated price

Business Process Mapping


Internal delays: waiting for information, equipment, materials, parts or people

Business Process Mapping

No Delays

Product or service is delivered on time as promised

Business Process Mapping

Under Utilized Talent

Not properly utilizing people’s experience, skills, knowledge or creativity

Business Process Mapping

Right Person Right Seat

Employee roles match their experience and competencies

Business Process Mapping

Excessive Movement

Unnecessary movement of materials, information or equipment

Business Process Mapping

Optimized Process Flow

Processes are continuously improved to assure smooth and efficient work flow

Business Process Mapping

Over Production (Inventory)

Accumulation of product, information, applications, etc. beyond what is required by the customer

Business Process Mapping

Control of Production

Production is planned and monitored to assure quality and quantity

Business Process Mapping

Over Processing (No Value)

Redundant or non-essential process steps that do not add value in the eyes of the customer

Value to Deliverables

Value to Deliverables

The customer finds value from all of the process steps

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