Asking the Right Questions Has True Power

Change is a constant. Between daily business challenges and a very unpredictable future, business leaders often feel insecure and overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities they have to carry every day.

Our coaches challenge your thinking by asking the right questions. Thanks to our leadership coaching,  your team members will develop the ability to achieve organizational goals by transforming and sustaining their leadership skills. Coaching sessions are conducted through one-on-one interactions. Feedback during the coaching sessions is collected through trusted and proven sources and assessments. All coaching sessions are confidential, and both parties come to each session with mutual trust and respect.

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The coaching and training provided by the Assured Strategy team has made an impactful difference to the SCOTT team. At the beginning of the engagement, the team was “unconsciously incompetent” when it came to accountability, communication, and clarity. After the first two-day retreat, we were more aware of our shortfall in these areas and became conscious of our incompetence. My contribution combined with those of other members of a newly aligned and trust-filled leadership team are now setting a precedent for the rest of the SCOTT team to follow. We couldn’t have done it with the Assured Strategy team guiding our way.
Jason Huitrado, CFO – Scott Manufacturing & Engineering

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