Strategy coaching is a nebulas thing. As a business leader, you’ve realized what you are doing now is not producing the results you’d like to see. It doesn’t mean your company is in trouble, most of the leaders we work with aren’t in trouble. It means you expect more from yourself and your team but can’t seem to find the path or the path is not very clear. One strategy after another and nothing is changing. The only outcome is ending up right back where you started.

One of our clients hired three different consultants to help them develop their core values. With no core values in hand, they hired Assured Strategy. After the first four hours of the first retreat this multi-million-dollar company had their core values. How did this happen? Our strategic coach helped them by asking the right questions leading them to get clarity of what their real core values were. We helped them get past the resistance and frustration while changing the patterns and habits that were standing in their way of getting what they wanted and needed. We showed them how to flush out what doesn’t work and build a clean platform.

All our Assured Strategy coaches are certified and have assisted entrepreneurs, executive’s and leadership teams to find their greatness by igniting growth and inspiring change by empowering teams with proven strategic tools and the behavior changes to ignite your company’s profitable growth. The Assured Strategy Framework encompasses some of the best systems used in business today – the Scaling Up system outlined in the book Scaling Up, the 3HAG system outlined in the book the 3HAG Way and The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth, a purpose driven, trustworthy, integrated system of business growth for the mid-market Combining what we’ve learned with these proven systems we have been able to help 100’s of companies through change and to profitable growth. No, our coaches do NOT come into your company and take over by doing the work for you. The leaders of your company agree and commit to making changes to help your company grow. We help teach from the executive team all the way down to the line employees so everyone learns the tools and behaviors that will enable your company back to greatness.

Think about it if “Good is the enemy of great,” what is stopping you from being great? Usually it is those darn patterns that keep getting in your way.

We generally work with our clients for a year. It takes time for you and your leadership team to rid yourselves of habits (patterns) that are not providing your company value and build new habits to allow for growth and profitability. Our best practices show that it takes successful companies about a year for the disciplines for greatness to take the company to the next level. Don’t waste your time or money with coaches who offer quick fixes or three-month engagements. Assured Strategy is NOT A QUICK FIX. As a matter of fact, we fix nothing – we coach you and your team to own the changes you’re going to make.

During the year, we assist the leadership team to identify, set, and measure clear strategically focused annual goals. Then we assist the team to break the annual goals down even further to quarterly goals in order to achieve the annual goals, we call this Execution Planning. Using proven tools and framework we coach and teach teams how to develop their strategic thinking and facilitate the conversations that lead to a clear vision with established goals. We support you and your leadership team every step of the way, guiding through change, coaching through barriers, facilitating meetings to find the right strategy, planning the execution of the strategy and building leadership skills.

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Our Strategy Coaching Process Will Produce a Variety of Results

  • A culture that cares about your company and “Why” it exists
  • Hiring and retaining the right people
  • Effective communication
  • Refined management reporting
  • Improved information flow
  • Increased productivity from your resources
  • Transparent accountability
  • Focused decision-making and define priorities
  • Increases in Revenue, Profit & Cash!

Are you ready for profitable growth? To start your journey, let’s have a discussion to see if we are a good fit for each other. Then we will come to you to observe a meeting. It is vital to see how the team works together. This visit is at no cost to you. Assured Strategy incurs this expense as part of our brand promise.

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We Offer Four Coaching Packages:


Strategy Coaching