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Assured strategy uses a leader’s behavior profile to help drive changes in the work place AND IMPROVE

  • Communication
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Work
  • Results

Behavior profiles are based on three world class indexes

Behavioral changes within a team start with having self-awareness of your own behavioral style then combining learning and understanding your team member’s profiles.

One of the most effective ways to learn about people is by using the ADVanced Insights assessment that measures How, Why, What.


All three indexes combined give us
ADVanced Insights into you as a leader


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ADVanced Insights profile combines the DISC, Values, and Attribute indexes, to understand what a team member needs to achieve optimal performance. Being able to understand WHAT a person’s natural talents are, WHY it motivates them and HOW they prefer to use their talents have proven to be very valuable as a professional team building activity or during the strategic hiring process.

Using the ADVanced Insights profile during the interviewing and hiring process can reduce the cost of a bad hire. Having prospects complete the ADVanced Insights as a step of your hiring process can assist you with a final selection. You will better understand the people you are hiring, their natural talents, behavioral style and drivers, and how they fit into the “big picture.”


What is Advanced Insights?