Cause and effect sound obvious. There’s a cause, and then there’s an effect. Something happens and that causes something else to happen.

But what does that mean for you in your life? Are you at cause in your life or are you at effect? Are you the kind of person that normally thinks, “Well, someone is out to get me,” or, “I’m helpless,” or something like that? If these are your typical thoughts, then you have a victim mentality, which means being at effect, not cause.

I understand you don’t like to think of yourself that way, but when does your effect/victim thinking show up?

“I didn’t get the report done because Bob didn’t get me the figures I need.”

That’s you being effect. You’re not at cause.

What would it look like to be at cause?

“The dog ate my homework” is a good reason why you don’t turn your homework in. Effect.

What’s powerful is to say “I didn’t get my homework done. Can you help me?” or “I didn’t get my homework done. It was due on Friday. Can I get it to you on Monday?” or even better, “I will get it to you on Monday.” Be responsible for yourself. That’s what being at cause is.

If you don’t get something done in your business, what do you do? Do you take responsibility for that, or do you give all your reasons for not getting it done?

Reasons are not useful, except for avoiding accountability. You can have your reasons, and you can be fully justified in not getting the results.

But what do you really want? Do you want results, or do you want reasons?

Get the result.

And if you don’t get it done on Tuesday, recommit to it on Wednesday. Then get it done. And, if you need something from somebody else, make sure they know what you need.

If you need to, re-negotiate deadlines get the task done, and be at cause in your life.

If you feel challenged by this idea or excited, or just curious, please get in touch and let’s talk about what you’re facing right now, and what difference it would make for you to be at cause in your life.

Ted Sarvata

Coach –