April 4-part webinar series

April 8 - Leading & Motivating Your Team in a Virtual World
April 15 - Balancing Cash and Relationship in Epic Time
April 22 - Adapting Processes from Physical to Virtual
April 29 - Keeping Focused on Strategy & Execution in Uncertainty

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    Are you playing to win or playing not to lose?

    For a long time the economy creeped along with little or no growth. But in recent years the economy has taken off. We speak to many leaders and find many of them are still in a defensive posture, trying to protect themselves from loss. All leaders should have a healthy level of paranoia; that is good. However, playing defense will never help you grow your business. So, what are you doing — are you playing to win or playing not to lose? If you are playing not to lose, what is the cost of you playing the game?

    strategy coaching

    Leaders want real solutions to systemic challenges in their business., not just a short-term fix. They want a solution that will last a lifetime. We help leaders see how a lack of strategy causes frustration and takes people off course. A dysfunctional team won’t get results by attending a one-time motivational speech. It is a commitment to learning a different approach to scale and grow your business. It’s results that inspire and motivate, not a one-time speech. The best leaders know that growth comes from a dedication to making the hard choices. Getting your team on board with those choices and keeping them focused helps you grow. We guide leaders who want to grow. We guide leaders so they can get to the next level. We guide leaders through change to find their freedom.

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