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After moving to Louisiana, the heart of football country, I became a fan of college football – specifically LSU, where my son attended.  Being a student of business, I was amazed at how similar football is to business and now I frequently use football references to coach businesses. Here are 7 ways your football knowledge can increase your business success.


#2 Stats

In your company, you need to establish clear goals that everyone can see and understand.  How can you “win the game” if nobody knows what a win looks like?

Every football team must know the goal to win the game and ultimately win the championship.

  • What are your company’s goals?
  • Does every employee know them?

This is one of the most missed opportunities I see in companies I coach. I train teams to create a 3HAG (3 year highly achievable goal) and to break it down into annual, quarterly, and monthly goals that align to achieve the 3HAG. Then everyone on the team is assigned the goals in their area of responsibility with clearly defined metrics to track progress.

If every team member knows their role and the metrics that they need to accomplish towards the company goals, they will know if they are winning or not.  Do all your employees know if they are winning every day?

In football, statistics are everything.  Statistics are another word for metrics, or measurable actions that tell the rest of the team if they are performing at the highest level.  If your numbers don’t measure up, then someone else will take your place.  Does everyone have a clear metric that they own that moves the company to win?  Does everyone know if they had a winning day, week, month, or year?  If every employee knows the overall company goals and what part of it they own, there is a much better chance for those goals to be realized.  If you are the owner of the company and you have clear goals, but you don’t let everyone know what they are, then you are keeping your team in the dark and they can’t help you get there.  Everyone should know their role, which is measured by their results that help achieve the company goals which leads to success.


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