How well do you know your organization’s core values and purpose? Unfortunately, many people cannot recite the core ideologies, or values, of the organization they work for. This can lead to misalignment in the company, and in some cases, missed goals and a lack of dedication from employees.

How can you optimize your company’s processes if your team doesn’t know why the processes are important?

What Are Core Ideologies?

The core ideology of an organization defines an organization’s core values and core purpose. These things drive all the processes of a company. However, if your team cannot name or define these core ideologies, it’ll be difficult for them to implement them during their daily work.

Core values help your team define their purpose in the company, the rules of behavior to follow, and the steps to follow when completing tasks. To be the most successful, you should share your core values with your team. This can help unify your team, improve your hiring decisions, and hold high expectations for your team. When they are knowledgeable of the company’s core ideologies, they can better manage tasks, all while keeping the company goals in mind.

But how do you define those core values for your company?

Building Your Company’s Vision

Every company or organization will have a different set of values based on the work they do, the personalities in the office, company goals, and more. Instead of deciding your organization’s values for your team, why not sit down and develop your own as a team?

Gather the Dream Team

Your team may gain more ownership of core ideologies if they are a part of creating them. Choose your team’s leaders or exemplary employees to start developing ideas for your organization’s values and purpose. These people should be committed to creating successful core ideologies, as well as implementing them in their daily work.

Give them a guiding question to ponder: What is an important value of your company, and what makes working here a unique experience?

Start with your personal values

Put personal values first. Ask your employees what they care about, what their values are, and where their passions lie. Then, discuss the ones that align with many members of your team. You may find that many team members have similar values that would be worth including in your company’s ideologies.

Allow your team some time to come up with suggestions so they can think about their responses carefully. What’s important to you? Some examples of core values could include: trust, communication, fun at work, quality products or service, etc.

Define your team’s core ideologies, and allow room for evolution

Create a list of team values that everyone can agree on. Then, spend some time to clearly define them to the rest of the team. Make the core values work around the existing company culture.

Use terminology that works with your culture. Are your core values easy to remember? Are they full sentences or short phrases? Are they industry-specific or can they be applied to many types of workplaces? Are they overall great ways to live life?

Align Your Company with Assures Strategy

Once you’ve defined your company’s values, act on them. Let it drive your work every day. And, if you need more help aligning your team, contact Assured Strategy today.