Change is not easy inside of your company. Tools are great but they don’t solve everything. You need people with good behavioral patterns behind the tools or they will not be effective.

A fool with a tool is still a fool” – Grady Booch

How do you introduce and communicate change inside of your company? First, you need to explain the “WHY.” Understanding the positive outcome from change will increase the probability of execution. The next step is to address your audience’s question “What’s in it for me?” These steps help create awareness to why change is needed and uncover any hidden beliefs that are roadblocks to the change. Finally, be open to feedback and dialogue on how the change is working and playing out in the culture.

I want to stress that hidden beliefs are one of the main challenges of change. People inside of your company may have certain beliefs that contradict and stop them from enthusiastically implementing the change. It is critical to discuss those beliefs openly and authentically to break the behavior patterns and get the results!

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