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Free Webinar: How to Minimize Workplace Drama

June 27 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join us for this FREE webinar for Business Leaders to discover how to minimize workplace drama and ultimately achieve profitable growth.

How much time is wasted in your organization due to drama and office politics? Oftentimes, leaders say the hardest aspect of running a business is managing the people drama going on in the workplace amongst team members. This webinar is designed to give leaders tools to hold employees accountable to productivity standards by understanding how to handle defensiveness and the victim mindset that is often a part of giving employees feedback.

Employee behavior should be measured by productivity for the function they serve and how well they live the core values of the organization. Inevitably when employees are given feedback, they get defensive and feel like a victim. They blame their supervisor and run to a peer to make them feel better and who will collude with them. Work place drama dramatically impacts overall productivity!

Leaders need to understand how to deliver feedback to employees and coach them through their defensiveness to help them stay productive in the workplace. In this webinar, we will work actionable tools that empower leaders to lean into the uncomfortable conversations and challenge their employees to greatness.

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Who should come: Senior Leadership Teams (C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, etc.) whose companies produce 1+ million in annual revenue.

About Keyne Petkovic: Keyne has over 15 years of executive management experience and played an active leadership role in company financial and business process improvement initiatives. She specializes in middle-management and executive level leadership training, coaching, and workshop facilitation. As an operations executive, she has excelled in developing and leading business process improvement teams while building strong cross-functional team dynamics through personal, hands-on investment in staff growth and development. Her unique ability to combine leadership, management, and emotional intelligence skills in the workplace environment is un-paralleled.

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