At Assured Strategy, our clients are amazing business leaders and strategists. Often times, people and teams simply get stuck in their approaches because their way of thinking has been successful in the past. However, the needs of a company change as the organization grows and evolves, and it can be challenging to identify what the next steps forward are. Our coaches are the essential outside perspective that many businesses need to achieve the profitable growth and results they are aiming for.

The most common ways to obtain an outside perspective are through coaching, consulting, mentorship, and advisory. But what is the difference between these, and what can be expected when working with a coach from Assured Strategy?

The role of a coach is one that involves asking challenging questions, offering a new approach, and providing a fresh perspective to help a team or individual identify what they need to do to achieve the outcome they want. A coach does not do the work for you, but rather asks questions, teaches, and guides people towards different actions and behaviors to produce an improved result. Assured Strategy’s Coaches, or Strategy Sherpas™, recognize the importance of working diligently and with humility alongside our clients to guide them to develop solutions utilizing their unique perspective of their own organization.  

Consultants do the work for or with an organization to fix a problem and give a solution. They solve issues and create the desired outcome, but they do not teach their clients how to do this themselves.

Advisors utilize their tenure, knowledge, and expertise to provide advice on how to solve a problem. They offer recommendations based on their experiences.

Mentors perform some or all of the duties of a coach, consultant, or advisor for free and based on a relationship.

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