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Free Webinar: Mastering Time Management – Prioritize to Thrive

June 13 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Webinar - June 13 - Mastering Time Management: Prioritize to Thrive

This event is a must-attend for professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to effectively manage their time and prioritize tasks for increased productivity and success.

In this engaging session, Lisa Jane Vargas, a respected authority in business strategy and productivity, will share her expert insights and practical approaches to mastering the art of prioritizing. Learn how to efficiently structure your schedule, identify key tasks, and allocate your time where it matters most.

Webinar Highlights:

  • – Understanding the Psychology of Time Management: Gain insights into why we procrastinate and how to overcome common time management challenges.
  • – Tactics for Prioritization: Discover techniques to differentiate between urgent and important tasks, helping you focus on what truly drives progress.
  • – Practical Tools and Techniques: Equip yourself with effective tools and methods to organize your daily schedule, avoid distractions, and achieve your goals.
  • – Interactive Q&A Session: Get personalized advice and solutions to your specific time management queries from Lisa Jane Vargas.
  • – Who Should Attend:
  • – This webinar is perfect for individuals who want to break free from the cycle and learn to allocate their time effectively. It’s ideal for business owners, managers, team leaders, and anyone seeking to enhance their productivity and work-life balance.


Don’t let time control you – take control of your time. Sign up now for free and transform the way you manage your day. Secure your spot in ‘Mastering Time Management: Prioritize to Thrive’ with Lisa Jane Vargas, and start your journey towards a more productive and fulfilling life.


Who Should Attend:

Business Leaders (C-Suite Executives, Owners, Senior Leadership Teams, Entrepreneurs, etc.) whose companies produce 1+ million in annual revenue.


About Coach & Speaker Lisa Jane Vargas:

Lisa Jane’s talent is in positively guiding organizations and individuals to grow and excel. Her experience spans across a variety of industries including, financial services, hospitality, health and fitness and she has dedicated over 20 years in behavioral healthcare.
Read Jane’s full bio here.


SHRM Certification
Assured Strategy is a SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Certified Organization. If you require a SHRM Certification for the completion of this event, one will be provided upon request.




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