Would having a strong company culture make life easier as a business owner or executive? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It can happen, we’ve witnessed this with our clients. The following are some of the top tips and actions for creating a positive company culture, aiming to lead the team toward the BHAG.

First, assess your current situation and identify what’s working and what needs improvement. If you are a new company these suggestions apply as well.

Building a culture that you want is like building a house. We start with the foundation by deciding your strategy with these 3 key elements:

  • The rules of the house- identifying your core values
  • What is your big hairy audacious goal? – Or otherwise known as BHAG, or vision
  • Your core purpose, why you are in your business or mission

Lay this foundation and then you have a platform to build from. This should be your framework in hiring, firing, and making decisions.  You can test those decisions against these 3 parts of your strategy and use them as a gauge to navigate progress and outcomes. You want your team to walk on the same path and taking the time to know these 3 elements of your strategy will be the best tool in your toolbox, clarity.

With this foundation in mind and understanding that having the right people in the right seats doing the right things right, you then can attract the right talent. Be sure to do your research to understand the competitive compensation and benefits landscape for the positions you’re hiring for and identify and provide opportunities for team growth and development. One of the most valuable tools is to teach your team the difference between accountability, responsibility, and authority; and other company ‘language or terms’ so there is a clear understanding of expectations and ease in communication. People want to feel like they belong and when you incorporate a common language you’ll see a big difference in cohesiveness between your teams’ members. Offering feedback is another important element to building strong teams. Feedback is just that, feedback. There is discernment but there are times when we say thank you and put it into your feedback bag. Then, notice if you continue to get similar feedback and determine the action to take. There is no need to take it personally, but human nature is that we often do. When a team’s culture can improve their communications, building insight into their own defensiveness, these healthier interactions result in better outcomes.

Staying with the house analogy, homes will eventually need repairs and even upgrades, and so will your company culture. Keeping your finger on the pulse, or having a person accountable to do so, is critical to identify when to tend to repair. Another perspective is a preventative approach; creating a positive work environment by exemplifying the core values and practicing trust, which builds open communication. If there is a lack of trust it will be very difficult to have the team engage in healthy conflict, commit to decisions, and hold each other accountable, which collectively will affect the results or lack of results for your company.

Emphasize from the get-go in your recruitment process, decisions on diversity and inclusion, interviewing process, and ongoing recognition practices can save on time and expenses to build that strong house/culture that you need to drive toward the results you want.

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