David Chavez, the owner of Assured Strategy, highlights three things that build clarity inside your business.

  1. Core Values
    • What are your core values?
    • How do you act and behave?
    • Are you using them inside of your company?
  1. Purpose
    • What is your purpose?
    • Why are you here doing what you do every day?
  1. BHAG®
    • What is your long-term vision for the company?
    • Where are you trying to take your company?

Often leaders underestimate the importance of talking about these three things with employees. You need to be talking about these all the time to your team, and make sure they understand these things well. When your team tells you they already understand them, that’s the sign you need to talk about them even MORE. Leaders set the tone and communicate the vision of where a company is going. If your employees are sick of hearing about core values, purpose and your BHAG®, then you know you are on-track. Go out and constantly reinforce these three things. In my next blog, I’ll share more about core values and discuss how this area of strategy is often misunderstood and poorly executed. Look forward to hearing more about core values in-depth next week.

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