David Chavez

CEO / Coach

David Chavez owns Assured Strategy. He successfully coaches CEOs and executives in developing strategy, execution, cash, leadership and team building. He focuses on guiding leaders through change to find their freedom. He has been a Certified Scaling Up Coach for 12 years, helping over 200 companies Scale Up. He focuses on creating alignment in the company by helping CEOs and executives manage the change process using the tools of the Scaling Up and 3HAG Systems.

A military veteran who served four years with the U.S. Army, David earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and went on to work with Arthur Andersen for five years after college. During his time at Arthur Andersen, he became a CPA and had the opportunity to take FIVE companies public, expanding Gaming (Casinos) throughout the world prior to starting his own CPA firm in 1996. David owned his firm until 2007 and had offices in Las Vegas and San Diego. After Scaling Up his firm, using the Scaling Up system, which he learned by reading “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits,” he wanted to share what he learned with others. He uses his own experience to help guide others to get what they want out of themselves and their company.

David sat on the boards of several public companies and speaks regularly to executives through Vistage, YPO, and EO. He is an official member of the Forbes Councils network, focusing on the areas of business growth, strategic planning and executive coaching. He loves helping others learn how to take their business to the next level by working on their business instead of in it.
David runs Assured Strategy from its Las Vegas headquarters and travels throughout North America sharing what he has learned as a certified strategic coach.

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“When I was going to the conferences, I would listen to other company owners talk about how they made their journey and almost all would say their coach helped them. I finally I realized I couldn’t do it myself.  David is a great coach.  He doesn’t mince words which was really good and at times painful. My deepest appreciation for David as our coach comes from his ability to walk us through this process and help us determine our core purpose and values scientifically. I have 100% faith that right now, our core purpose and values, at this time in our journey are perfect for us.”

– Dave Rauch

“I had been reaching out in several different areas, self-help books, taking a group of people that I felt were leadership bound to different conferences. A lot of it experience in teaching myself and very little in teaching my group. I finally realized that I needed some true help with. In having the information in the book (Scaling Up) and having it broken down to the smaller bits and bytes for the staff I think was really instrumental in us being able to solve some humongous problems. David supports the team in a way with the straight talk and his ability to cut through all the excuses and making people realize that if they don’t want to bring it to the table they don’t need to be at the table. He was able to put a pencil point and just explain we are here and we are needing to go there in a manner that was just completely influential in my decision and I am so pleased that I was able to open up our views to be able to bring that in. Because we are definitely seeing it.”

– Debi Davis

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