Keyne Petkovic

COO / Coach

Keyne Petkovic, MS, has 15 years of executive management experience and played an active leadership role in company financial and business process improvement initiatives. She specializes in middle-management and executive level leadership training, coaching, and workshop facilitation.

Responsible for multimillion-dollar facility operating budgets, she has broad experience in budget development and finance-related mentoring and accountability. As an operations executive, she has excelled in developing and leading business process improvement teams while building strong cross-functional team dynamics through personal, hands-on investment in staff growth and development.  Her unique ability to combine leadership, management, and emotional intelligence skills in the workplace environment is un-paralleled.

She obtained her Master of Science degree in Community Counseling from Winona State University after completing her BS in Psychology with a minor in Business at Penn State University.  Keynes certification courses include ADVanced Insights (DISC, Values, Attribute Indexes), Physician Practice Management, and Behavioral Analysis.

  • management coaching
  • growing business
  • business growth plan


“Keyne is one of the most dynamic leaders, mentors, and management coaches I’ve ever known. She embodies leadership principles; she walks her talk. She is incredibly effective at those honest, difficult conversations that challenge middle and upper managers to take their game to the next level. Her experience in the field, her heart for people, and the interpersonal commitment her clients feel toward their growth and development enables her to speak the truth in love, in a way that engages, excites, and motivates rather than intimidates. She will teach and model cutting edge management practices for the current and future leaders in your company in a way that will cause you to say “Where have you been all this time? We could have used you 10 years ago!

– Dr. R.J., Chief Medical Officer

“Keyne Petkovic was my leader and so much more. She is a forward and strategic thinker. I know her to be a kind mentor that brought out the best in so many. Her goals were to bring a team together that was whole and used affirmative thinking to make tactical changes for the better of the entire company. Her style of managing was kind and caring yet firm. She was always available to lend help or further explain her ideas. She never was overwhelmed or without a kind word and she always lead by example. In the 37 years I have been working both for others and as a leader myself, I have never had someone like Keyne lead and teach me. She is brilliantly kind and seeks out solutions from sources and people to make a company soar to new heights.”

– V. F., Executive Director

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