What do you think motivates your employees to be more efficient and productive? Let me guess; you answered money. While money is indeed a motivator, it can only motivate your team up to a certain point. When money isn’t enough to keep us happy or comfortable, we adjust our way of living to our income. Read on to learn some effective team motivation techniques—other than money.

The Problem with Solely Using Money Motivators

I’ve worked with many organizations where they always try to motivate their employees by hanging a carrot on a big stick in front of them. In the beginning, this strategy may work. However, if it becomes the regular procedure, companies find themselves changing their culture and employees changing to be “mercenaries.” They end up solely working for you based on the exchange of money.

So, how should you motivate them? Talk to their heart. Learn more about the reason and purpose behind their actions. Help them to be better human beings—as opposed to just better employees—by training, coaching, and mentoring them.

Ways to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

Develop some of your own team motivation techniques. Start by providing the right tools for their job and office environment like updated computers, comfortable office chairs, and simple administration procedures. Encourage open communication and share feedback. Most importantly, listen to them. They may have good solutions for complicated problems if you just listen.

If you’re wondering how to motivate a team to improve performance, talk to their heart, not to their wallet:

Keep your team members looped in

team motivation techniques

Share the company’s vision with your team. If everyone knows the direction you want to go, it can be the driving force of their actions, Make sure your team knows where the organization is going so they can better accomplish tasks with a motivated mindset.

It’s also important to communicate with your staff. Constant communication allows you to learn about your team’s ideas, motivations, troubles, and more. Interact with your team and let them know you’re always there to listen, as well as share information they need to know.

Show appreciation and celebrate success

Often, showing appreciation can be a better reward than money. Let your staff members know you noticed the task they completed and how hard they worked. Tell them they’re a valuable part of the team. Your support may mean a lot to them if they feel their work goes unnoticed.

It’s best to use fun things to motivate employees. Celebrate every success to add some fun and team spirit to the workplace. You’re all here for one goal. So, to help each person gain ownership of company goals, celebrate each “win” as a team.

Allow collaboration

Another great team motivation technique is to support your team’s new ideas. Allow them to feel empowered to share their ideas. Give them the chance to take the initiative on new projects. When people are allowed the freedom to complete their tasks and projects in a way that works for them, they’ll feel more independent and respected.

Give them room to grow

Employees may lose motivation if they start to feel their position is static. Give them the opportunity to grow into new, exciting positions and roles. If they see their room to grow, it may motivate them to learn and do more. Each person is motivated by different things, so make it a goal to individually encourage each of your team members.

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