The Behavior Profile: How Understanding Human Behavior Generates Business Results

The Behavior Profile: How Understanding Human Behavior Generates Business Results

Few business owners today would question their conscious dedication to the organization they work for. Yet most of them remain unaware that 95% of decisions made by their employees occur in the subconscious mind. What if there was a tool to help employees become more aware of unconscious behavior? What if this insight into human behavior generated an increase in conscious thinking and behaving? What if this could improve employee engagement, lower employee turnover rate, and help to utilize staffing resources?

Research reveals that 81% of individuals who take advantage of a behavior profile experience an improvement in decision making, specifically making less risky and more reliable decisions, due to the ability to move subconscious thought more in the conscious realm.Human Resources is a company function that commonly uses the power of a behavior profile with demonstrated ROI. Gallup finds that without a behavior profile, 82% of the time new hires fail to be a talent fit for the role they were hired for. That means less than 2 out of every 10 hires are successful. What impact do these statistics have when applied to your leadership roles? A flip of a coin would be more successful.

Studies show higher employee engagement stems from several key factors, such as feeling their supervisor knows them well enough to maximize their strengths. As a result, engaged employees logically deliver better results. How could a behavior profile provide insight to help your middle-manager improve employee engagement scores within your organization? How would those results improve your bottom line?

Employee Turnover

The cost of employee turnover is high. In actuality, of failed hires, 89% reported an inability to mesh with the company culture, a fact that would have been revealed through the use of behavior profiling as part of the hiring process.

Therefore, implementing processes and tools that delve into human behavior allow organizations to better utilize their staffing resources.

Get Ready to Implement Behavior Profile

Want to change the company? Challenge your subconscious mind! Access the power of a finely tuned behavior profile and a coach who can empower you to wield that tool effectively.

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