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Executive Productivity: Stress Management

An executive’s ability to manage stress directly impacts their productivity. Executives experience stress and burnout higher than the average worker because of the fast pace nature of their...

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Reward-based Leadership vs Responsibility-based Leadership

Recently I facilitated a leadership training class where we were reviewing Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Motive. The book breaks down two fundamental types of thinking leaders have about...

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Accountability vs Micro-Managing

Recently I had a conversation with a leader who challenged my perception on the difference between employee accountability and micro-managing. As a leader, often we need to walk...

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Are Your Paradigms Giving You the Results You Want?

I recently worked with an executive who struggled to feel like an included, equal member of the executive team. She had worked for the organization for over 5...

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Do You Have the Right Business Partner?

Throughout my career I experienced and witnessed a few great business partnerships, often between a visionary leader and a leader who was skilled at making that vision a...

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How to Build a Culture of Accountability in 3 Steps?

One of the most common complaints CEO’s have about their company is a “lack of accountability among staff”. Leaders need to use a three-tiered approach with a specific...

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