Company growth does not need to be as complicated as we might think. But, to get the results we want as a company, we must invest in 2 main areas: 1) ongoing personal growth for the leadership team and 2) working together to identify the company’s top priorities. These will prove to be the key elements of exponential growth.

Personal Growth

The CEO and leadership team all must be committed to personal growth and truly understanding their personal leadership strengths and weaknesses. This means growing in your understanding of who you are individually, and who the people are around you. This allows the leaders to best communicate and interact with each other more effectively. There are tools that will help you and your leadership team grow in understanding yourself and each other, such as ADVanced Insights (DISC, Values and Attribute Indexes) to discover:

  • Your own strengths, weaknesses, and behavior patterns
  • Your teammates strengths, weaknesses, and behavior patterns
  • Your communication styles
  • What motivates and pushes you and your team to behave the way you do
  • What talents you have in how you think and make decisions

As growth happens in these areas, people begin choosing to operate in their strengths, communication becomes clearer and the team begins to engage in achieving peak performance. Growth in the company begins as everyone in the team grows stronger in understanding themselves and each other which allows for improved communication. Focusing on personal growth first also ensures that the right people are in the right seats doing the right things to be able to move forward in strategic planning and top priorities.

Focusing on Top Priorities

The other key area is the acute awareness and alignment of identifying the company’s Big goals and top priorities. The team will need accountability to be able to deliver on these top priorities each day, week, month, and quarter. To enable accountability, you must first offer a few more tools to ensure the confidence of positive results. Tools like the Rockefeller Habits Checklist, Daily Huddle Structure and Weekly/Monthly Meeting Structures help with:

  • Identifying what the top priorities are
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly meeting cadences and structure

When personal growth in your company translates to team members communicating effectively, working in their strengths and using their talents for making the right decisions everyone can then be aligned in the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to focus on the top priorities.  By ensuring these tools are implemented effectively you empower your team to bring about the growth you have been waiting for.

Growth in any company rarely just happens because personal growth and identifying top priorities rarely just happen. Growing your people and developing the discipline of meeting cadences for top priorities need to be intentional. The compounded effects of these calculated efforts will bring about significant growth.

Ishmael Ramos – Coach | Assured Strategy