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business training

Transparent Processes: How to Hunt Down Systemic Flaws

Blogs by Assured Strategy Executive Tips Grow Your Business

If you were to map-out processes for your company, you may recognize what is referred to as a “systemic flaw”, the application of a single corrective measure can reduce or remove multiple process deficiencies. Dig a little deeper to solve the root cause A systemic problem is one that is inherent in the overall system, […]

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business training

Vulnerability in Leadership: Drop the Mask

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Keyne Petkovic Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

I recently watched a presentation by Brene Brown (author/motivational speaker) where she discusses the myths of vulnerability in leadership. As business coaches, one of the first things we do with executive teams is have them read The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, so the team can begin to gain deeper trust with […]

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business training

How Decisions at the Top Don’t Always Translate to Line-staff

Blogs by Assured Strategy Blogs by Ted Sarvata Executive Tips Grow Your Business Team Building

Time and time again as coaches we run into examples in business where leadership hasn’t communicated the “why” of a mandated change and/or isn’t holding staff accountable to implementing a new process fully. Often major decisions haven’t been filtered through the lens of a company’s strategy. If you don’t have alignment throughout your organization and […]

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