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Give Daily Wins

I’ve been noticing that everyone is experiencing more chronic stress right now than they were prior to 2020. Increased stressors could be due to financial insecurity, having kids...

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Be Accountable By Being At Cause

Cause and effect sound obvious. There’s a cause, and then there’s an effect. Something happens and that causes something else to happen. But what does that mean for...

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Strategic Thinking Must Include the Brutal Facts

Everyone’s tired of talking about the pandemic, but the fact remains, we’re all still dealing with it. And, there’s a bigger point we have to remain aware of...

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Core Values Can Hurt You

If you’re like most growth company executives, you know a lot about core values. You know that core values are discovered, not chosen. You know that core values...

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Virtual Teams Zoom Through Their Workday

Many businesses are using Zoom to replace face to face meetings right now. We’ve been using Zoom for years and have learned a few things ourselves in recent...

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Be Bold: Unstoppable Adonis

  • Posted in People by Ted Sarvata

One of the ways to bring your company’s core values to life is to notice real-world examples of those core values in action, outside the walls of your...

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