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Trust My Employees – What for?

  • Posted in People by Assured Strategy

My Boss: “You need to start trusting your employees!” Me: “What for?  They’re continually letting me down!” My Boss: “Unless you figure out how to begin trusting your...

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Virtual Teams Zoom Through Their Workday

Many businesses are using Zoom to replace face to face meetings right now. We’ve been using Zoom for years and have learned a few things ourselves in recent...

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Extraordinary Impact from Scaling Up and Leadership Coaching

As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I have been applying lean operation methods to support companies by helping them identify process improvements, implement quality management practices,...

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Breaking Patterns to Implement Change

Change is not easy inside of your company. Tools are great but they don’t solve everything. You need people with good behavioral patterns behind the tools or they...

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Are Your Paradigms Giving You the Results You Want?

I recently worked with an executive who struggled to feel like an included, equal member of the executive team. She had worked for the organization for over 5...

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Be Bold: Unstoppable Adonis

  • Posted in People by Ted Sarvata

One of the ways to bring your company’s core values to life is to notice real-world examples of those core values in action, outside the walls of your...

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